Green supplements are the rage at the moment and for good reason. They allow you to have the goodness and nutrients of several fruits and vegetables in one portion but the degree of success that green supplements offer has been marred by fake claims and advertising gimmicks. If used in the right way, green supplements can help your diet and fitness goals in a major way, but improper use of green supplements can have equally devastating effects on the body and affect the insulin sensitivity and stunt the growth of muscle in the future. It is advisable that you conduct proper research into the subject before investing your time and effort, to save yourself from any problems in the future.

One common story you hear from most people is that green supplements can replace your meals if you are in a rush. Let us put this to bed; No they cannot. Green supplements are indeed full of fruits and vegetables but are not made to cover a deficit of essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the healthy growth of the body. This is true for hard trainers who require more vitamins and minerals than the average person. Green supplements can restore and balance the pH level present in your body. Green supplements have supergreens present which are alkaline while grains and protein are acidic, and a proper intake of green supplements can improve the pH balance present in a person’s body.

Another work of fiction is the myth that all greens are created equal. Always check the ingredients present in a green supplement before you buy it. It is best to be as informed on the topic as possible as they come in various forms and concentrations. Some are available in in a liquid form, pills and even powders. Every one of them comes with different instructions on how and when to have the supplement. Green supplements are excellent for vital greens

The times you consume the green supplement is essential for the proper growth of your muscles. Taking green supplements before a workout is a big no no. Following a gym regime is all about the recovery after the training. This period is when your body needs the extra nutrition and antioxidants. Giving your body the green supplements before a workout will halt the muscle growth and waste your supplements. If you are reluctant to buy green supplements off the shelf, there are plenty of ways you can make your own. By using green vegetables like celery, spinach, sprouts and a food like lemon to top it off, you can use a blender to make your own green supplement for use.