Public liability insurance is more than protection alone; it’s a provable sign of the authenticity of your business and can even help your offering appear more respectable. It may not be required, but it can go a long way in helping you secure new business in future.

What is Public liability insurance for entertainers?

The liability insurance consists of a policy which secures the entertainers from the claims that are made against them believing that they have made the offence for personal injury or property damage by the third parties.

Why is it required?

Everyone in business is out in the open to the possibility of a claim being made against them and an entertainer is no different and if we talk about the awards that are in offer for personal injury can be extremely high and not only that, the expense for coming up with a defense against the most perky claim can be very costly. The public liability insurance for entertainers can protect them against these expenditures. And guess what we have worked out where you to go in order to fulfill this need, don’t forget to check out more facts at

Which Liability Insurance is required?

The main purpose of having the liability insurance is to safeguard you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury and any sort of damage of property. In order to ensure that you are opting for the right type o insurance, it is important to look at how these claims may come up. As an entertainer, you will be exposed to the possibility of claims being made against you by third parties i.e public at large and it is public liability insurance you require in order to protect you from these claims.

If you are an employer and have employees working for you, then employer’s liability insurance is highly recommended to cover you against claims made by employees in respect of your legal liability for death, disease and personal injury arising during the course of their employment.

If you are a professional services provider, then you may wish to consider professional indemnity insurance to protect you against claims arising from a violation of professional duty.


It might not be immediately obvious, but public liability insurance can also help singers and musicians secure and book venues when looking for places to perform and entertain the public. Dedicated music venues will often have their own separate policies, covering accidental damage to the property, liability insurance for employees and members of the public, and business interruption as well. But, smaller and alternative venues won’t always provide the same level of cover.