A packing machine is machine that is used to pack the products. When we enter in a store, all the products that we see around are packed. Even all the bakery items are completely packed. The packing should be as per to the mark because if the packing has not been done correctly then the product inside will get damaged. No matter if it’s a food item, a toy, machine, consumer good or anything if its open then it will get damaged even if the expiry date is far away.

if we specifically talk about medicine industry, then the medicines are all dependent on packing. We have to take special care towards the packing of instruments, medicines and all the related stuff that has been used on patients.

The Important Factors:

Suppose, we have to buy a packing machines for medical purpose then we have to follow multiple things before making a decision of buying. Following are the main points.

  • Show Weightage:

A machine should shoe the weightage of medicine so that it can be packed accordingly. If the weightage is not visible then there are chances that some sachets would fill high and some less. We know that we have to take a limited amount of dosage of some medicine. If we take much then the mentioned dosage then it would affect negatively and if we would take less then it would not give us relief from disease or pain. So, the weightage of medicine plays a vital role.

  • Multiple Task at a Same Time:

We need to see that a machine has a tendency to do the multiple tasks at the same time. For example, a can or a gallon has a medicine in bulk quantity. When first batch has been filled when it changes the next gallon, it happens that the whole process stops due to the change of gallon. We need to make sure that the process never stops until we stop it. It could do multiple task at one time.

  • Reduced Errors:

There is likely high evidence of errors when we fil the sachets manually. If we are putting the medicine with spoon then sometimes it happens that we put less and sometimes more in a single sachet. It is called human error. When a machine does work this human error equals to zero as there is a weightage and quantity already installed in it.   

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