In order to enhance the beauty of your garden and to increase the overall functionality of the yard, landscape rock Bundanoon can be seen to be used very commonly. There is literally no limit on the ways you can incorporate it to your garden which makes them very applicable by nature. But before you start investing in these rocks to decorate your garden, you should be knowing the different types of landscape rocks that are available. This is where we come to help you know and understand the types. Let’s find out the different types of landscape rocks you probably weren’t aware of.

  1. Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel, as the name suggests is one of the small type of rocks that goes around to be known by different names as well. Some people call them as Pete gravel, while others call them as beach couples too. Regardless of the name, pea gravels are known to have a smooth finishing with time caused by water and wind. It is due to this, these stones are known to have an attractive look which can easily be applicable to different landscapes.

  1. River Rock

River rocks are somewhat similar to pea gravels but they are a bit larger when it comes to size. These stones usually have a polished and smooth finish to them which are again a result of water. They are also commonly used for landscaping purposes.

  1. Rainbow Rock

Just like river rock, rainbow rock also comes up with different names in the market. However, when it comes to size of the rock, rainbow rocks are considered to be larger than the other two types mentioned earlier. One can commonly see these type of rocks to be used as a decorative measure in the gardens to create a frame or a border or can also be used as a ground cover. The reason why they are known are rainbow rocks is due to the fact that they have a huge variety of colors in them.

  1. Lava Rock

The interesting fact about lava rock is that as the name suggests, they actually have been mined from domes of volcanic lava. They are usually seen in reddish and brownish in color but can also be pure black. These type of rocks are usually used in the dry climates especially in places like Arizona and phoenix. In such a dry environment, having a garden which is full of grass is actually very impractical, therefore, to cover that aspect, lava rocks are used. If the rocks are placed rightly while following the accurate procedure, they can actually add up on a lot to the looks of your garden.