Everyone in the lifting and shifting business has felt the need for a reliable and economic mechanical fork lifter at some point of time or the other. While some may have owned it previously, due to increasing business it may have become imperative to invest in a new pair of lifting wheels. Not only do used forklifts save you a lot of money, but you are also secure in the knowledge that it had been put through the daily tread in the hands of its previous owner.

And so there are minimal chances of an operational failure. However, it doesn’t hurt to check the lifter before buying toyota forklift service at BBS Forks Australia. When you purchase fork lifters that have been previously used, check out these things before shelling out any money;You should look at buying forklifts if you require them only for a single shift, and the lift should not be used for more than five hours on an average per day, or performance will suffer. Also remember that these machines need some downtime and a couple of days a week off work is a good idea.

Once you have decided on the requirements, here are some things to look out for when in the market for a used mechanical lifter;Availability: your main source of used lift will be other users and dealers. The dealers acquire the lifts from trade-inns and lease retirements. Electric lifts usually are kept for a period of eight to ten years before the owner trades it in. Normally, a lift will be operated for roughly 15,00 hours in a year , provided it is on single shift operation. Bu this low us level makes the selling price about fifteen per cent higher than trucks which are subjected to heavier usage and also used forklifts for sale.

Maintenance: after zeroing in on a suitable machine, make sure that you inspect it carefully for its condition. The best method to check is to ask for the maintenance logs. Here you’ll find all the relevant information regarding the vehicle and if not available, have a mechanical inspection carried out to ensure it is working properly.Inspection: have a qualified operator come along with you to inspect the lift prior to purchase. The operation of the mast should be checked initially without any load and then with the fully rated load.

Check for binding lacks. You need to tilt the mast fully back and forth to see if any excess play occurs between the channels of the mast and also between the carriage and the mast. Side carriage play also should be checked. After the lift is fully warmed up, look for any leaks from the transmission, mast as well as tilt cylinders, differential, engine and the radiator. Also check the tyres and the brakes.If all goes well, all you need to do then is take a test drive and you’re good to go.

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