Making arrangements for any event can be a tough project, with many aspects to look at, such as; key note speakers, guest list, decor, invites etc to name a few. Out of these the location or space to hold the conference is of utmost importance. Sometimes the space chosen can make or break an event and its success. Therefore selecting the right space for the right event is king of an art itself. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Size: looking at size options is very important. Today, people opt for more intimate events as opposed to large scale conventions, so if your conference is meant to create more interaction with the participants, then look at the options available related to small function venues. They will be ideal to hold a more informal gathering and get the participants more involved and productive.
  • Ease of access: consider the places attendees are travelling from and make sure that the venue has ease access. If people a flying in from out of state, then travel time needs to be looked at. Also make sure to check for adequate parking. The ability to easily to locate the space is also important, you do not want your important guests getting lost finding it difficult to locate the space.
  • Lodging: some people would expect to spend the night at the location after the event. This will especially be true for people travelling from far. So factor in this as well when picking a space. If the hotel or conference space does not have lodging facilities, check around the space for other facilities and their availability.
  • Image: it is very important to make sure that the space you select to hold the conference or any other event, match the image and brand values of the organisation. This is especially true when it comes to corporate events, which will include customers and suppliers. If it is a more informal gathering then you can be creative with the space you decide to use.
  • Facilities provided: some venues come readily supplied with all the furniture and elements you will need to hold a conference. If not make sure that you check for adequate seating, how they are arranged, if there are facilities for outside vendors to sell products at the venue, an area for sponsor advertisements and even break room facilities.
  • Technical : an event will likely use a lot of projectors, music, and computers to aide in keeping the crowd engaged, therefore make sure that the event has the facilities to cater to all these. There should also be multiple wifi accessibility and charging stations for phones and other gadgets which the guests and event organisers might need to use. You can learn more about this by visiting

    These are some of the basic areas to look at and hope they will guide you in making your next venue selection.