Well there might come a time where you might be ready to pop the question. Since it’s a big step in life, you could try and make it extra special. It can be quite challenging to come up with the right way to ask “will you marry me” even if you are romantic on a daily basis. Even if you want a proposal which is big and which she would never forget, it’s important to make sure that it’s personalized to your relationship. However big it is, it should draw resemblance to your relationship at the end of the day. Even though it is big pressure, this article would act as a guide to help you pull of a great proposal.

Firstly, you might want to select a sentimental location. For instance, you could make it the place where you went on your first date or you could make it the bar where your first kiss was shared or it could even be the place where you confessed your love. Having the proposal planned at such a location. Secondly, you could further surprise her by getting her family and her friends in on this. You could try talking to her family so that everyone would be on the same page. If everything goes according to plan, you’d have their blessings. Now it’s time for you to purchase the ring so that you’d have something to give her. You could visit a shop and look at ruby engagement rings. 

If you want something custom made, you could also look into custom made wedding rings. Once this is done, you are almost set to pop the question. Since it’s a beautiful moment, you might want to document it all. Therefore, you could try hiring both a professional photographer and videographer. It’s always good to ask them to stay hidden so that the surprise is not ruined. Once she says “Yes”, Read this article if you are looking for custom made wedding rings.

they could come off from hiding and document her reactions. If it’s a great proposal, you could try uploading it on social media so that the entire world would see what you were up to. The planning needs to be smooth. She should not figure out that you had it in your mind all along. If that part of it is disclosed, the whole part of planning is useless. Therefore, it’s important to be one step ahead all the time. The exact moment she figures out that you are up to something suspicions might arise. Therefore, it’s good to always stay one step ahead so that everything will flow smoothly.