If you are using LED lights, you will be familiar with the benefits that you can gain by using them as they are energy saving and they also last for a long time. LEDs ask Light Emitting diodes to come with many more features that people are often unaware of. To gain the best use of the LEG lights that you are using, you can simply use a driver to specialize how the drivers operate and the outcome that you gain from it. If you wish to make the best in terms of versatility with your LED lights, it is best that you use a LTECH LED controller. These drivers can be used for two main purposes, which is to rectify large voltages and also to protect the LEDs from energy fluctuations. Here are some important details that you must know about using these drivers:

Choosing Lights for Low Light Outputs

If you want LED lights that give a high light output, the best choice that you have is to choose a 24v light. However, for places where you don’t need a high light output and lights that bring in higher energy efficient, it’s best that you use 12v lights. In order to control these lights to meet up with the specifications that you have, you can simply use a 12v LED driver, which is ideal for you amount of current that is passing through these lights so that they will not damage the lights.

Look into the Max Wattage

According to the information released by the National Electrical Code, when you getting LED driver, thy should be compatible with the LEDs that you are using so that it uses less than 20% of their maximum wattage. You should be careful not to pair LEDs with drivers that exceeds this wattage. Therefore, always do your calculations before you purchase a driver, or you can even get information from the professionals at the store you are purchasing from.

Focus on the Power Factor

What is the Power factor? Power factor is the efficiently of the driver. Before you choose a driver, you should also do calculations to decide on the power factor as well. The power factor that you get after the calculations should be 0.9 or more. To work on the power factor, all that you have to do is to divide the power used by the driver by the input voltage in amps and multiple it by the current that is going into the system. Having done these calculations will provide you with guidance to choosing the best driver.