The first week of school is pandemonium in the classroom whatever the school and whatever the grade. There just isn’t any way of avoiding it. But when it comes to the tots there definitely are some ways where we can reduce the otherwise unescapable mayhem that erupts when the toddlers arrive. And one such way is to break the ice between the children and make them feel like they belong. And there are many ways in which this feat can be achieved.

Put your plans in place immediatelyThe first few days of a kid in a preschool is crucial. Because its sets the pace for the numerous years to come and shapes up how they would act in a classroom for the rest of their lives. So giving them a hand with regard to behavioral traits needs to kick off right away, otherwise it may be tough to correct them once they have shaped themselves into a niche. And then there is the issue of bullying that has to be addressed, and what better to overcome this problem than getting all the kids to play together as one unit. For example play time on kid’s toys like the castle top mountain climber step 2 is going to make sure than none of the kids are left behind or pushed aside. It will ensure that all the kids play the same way and that there are no groups formed amongst themselves this is one of the perfect ways to nip off the habit of bullying in its early stages. Making them feel calm and welcome in the surroundings will make it easier for the kids to let go the safety net of their parents.

Helping the kids build friendshipsIs one way to make the children feel like they want to come back for more. And for this it’s crucial that every kid in a child care center feels like they have a friend back there. And you should play an active role in helping them to build these budding friendships. Because otherwise the kids will develop a pecking order. And one of the best ways to get these friendships kicked off is to get them hanging out with each other on metal swing sets and trampolines. Because they will be having fun surrounded by all the kids and they would make friends with everyone around them. Such events will go a long way in educating the kids about the do’s and don’ts of friendship and will also come in handy for the rest of their